Our Story

The Journey

Jejaran Asas Sdn Bhd has been in trading of goods in the begining years. Our products range has evolved in order to provide solutions to our customers. From providing kitchen and household goods to running a Café & Restaurant that has captured the heart of local residents. We continuously strive to provide product that customer love.

Our Background

Jejaran Asas was established since 1995. Our corporate mission is for our brands to be part of people lifestyle and happiness, solution provider to customer.

We hold our corporate tagline strongly “Pivoting Success”. In order to sustain and thrive we opt to apply business model
that is proven and at the same time hold on to our corporate values.

Our big why has always been establishing a brand trust of delivering honest foods and also providing warmth service to entice our customers.

With that in mind, we know that our team are the backbone of the company and delivering successful results to our shareholders is crucial to sucess of our business.